itunes-1180x400Today, my first ever iOS app, Award-A-Friend, hit the App Store. For me, it was a proud and exciting moment and the culmination of a month’s worth of learning, trial and error, hard work and a whole lot of fun.

My inspiration for an iMessage sticker app came from an article on The Verge. I came up with the idea for “Award-A-Friend” shortly after reading the article but I really didn’t have the tools or skills to make it a reality. I downloaded a trial version of Affinity Designer and set out to learn the software well enough to make a prototype design.

It didn’t take long to produce a decent ribbon and prove the concept and with that, I purchased a copy of Affinity Designer and set about making ribbons. Even though I had a basic design, ribbons went through many iterations of polish before I was satisfied. Some of the more elaborate ribbons required additional elements that I designed from scratch and a few of those started with pencil and paper.

In the following weeks, I polished the design, tested, fixed, added ribbons, eliminated ribbons and tested again and again until I was happy with the finished product.

For sure there have been frustrating moments along the way but overall it has been a terrific experience and I am already working on an update.

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